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The 411 about Car Insurance!!

Driving without Car Insurance is illegal.  Don’t get caught in a sticky situation.  Even though the monthly of car insurance may seem like something that isn’t a high priority, merely being covered can save you alot of time and issues later on down the road.  Check out this article to learn about the risk of driving without Car Insurance.

Lets talk about some things can affect your insurance rates

  1.  Your Driving Record – Try to keep your record clean.  The fewer points and accidents you have the less of a risk you are considered in the insurance world and the lower your rate.
  2. Type of vehicle – The cost to replace your vehicle is a deciding factor in your insurance rate.  Vehicles that require more expensive parts may cause the insurance rate to increase.
  3. Your Claim History –  If you have a number of accidents on your record it can affect your rate
  4. Your coverages –  Your Bodily Injury and Physical Damage Coverages, along with your Comprehensive and Collision Deductibles can affect your rate.

For a list of miminum state requirements check out this article from the South Carolina Department of Insurance

Make sure you know the facts of Car Insurance.  Educate yourself but let your Agent help guide you to the right policy to fit your needs.  Our goal is come up with a plan that helps you find a balance between the right coverage and the right plan.  Our goal is to make difficult situations easy by giving you the facts and shopping the right carriers to find what you need.